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Maybe the first thing you are thinking is, ‘Chiropractic and knee pain? I didn’t think chiropractors could help that.’

Well, think of it. And think of it first, because not all knee pain requires surgery. In fact, more orthopedic surgeons are prescribing physical therapy before surgery for knee pain; even ligament and meniscus tears!

This office has expanded its services to knees and shoulder injuries and have been getting very good results and rapid relief to knee injuries. Now knee pain is not all the same in each case so how does a chiropractor determine a simple sprain from a serious ACL tear? The same way an orthopedic doctor would but with the added insight to look for structural injuries in addition to soft tissue causes the orthopedist is concentrating on.


Your doctor will perform a physical examination, with careful attention to your knees, hips, legs, and other joints.

To help diagnose the cause of the problem, your doctor will ask medical history questions, such as: • When did your knee first begin to hurt?

• Have you had knee pain before? What was the cause?

• How long has this episode of knee pain lasted?

• Do you feel the pain all the time, or off and on?

• Are both knees affected?

• Is the pain in your entire knee or one location, like the kneecap, outer or inner edge, or below the knee?

• Is the pain severe?

• Can you stand or walk?

• Have you had an injury or accident involving the knee?

• Have you overused the leg? Describe your usual activities and exercise routine.

• What home treatments have you tried? Have they helped?

• Do you have other symptoms, such as pain in your hip, pain down your leg or calf, knee swelling, swelling in your calf or leg, or fever?

An x-ray or MRI may be needed. It depends upon your presentation of your symptoms.

Most knee pain in our office has been becoming asymptomatic within 2 weeks after starting care. Rehab exercises are generally needed, but hour-long sessions usually seen in physical therapy offices are never needed. Most exercises, after thorough instruction, can be done at home. But if you don’t do them, you will do them in the office. So make sure you do them. 🙂

Chiropractic treatment for the knee is quite painless and you usually notice a change before your visit is over. Visit or call Back to Health Chiropractic at 859-746-2222. Click here for directions.